Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Volvo XC60 Drive-E, The Volvo’s New Generation

What if you could combine efficiency, power and a superior experience on the road with sustainable driving?

of Drive-E powertrains did just that, enabling you to enjoy an exciting cruise later on, but with much less emissions and fuel.

And it doesn’t end there. Drive-E can be an all-encompassing commitment to sustainability. Everything from the cars’ components to factories is manufactured with an environmentally-friendly approach.

2016 Volvo XC60 Drive-E PLUG-IN HYBRIDS

Better for the planet earth is better for you. Your driving experience is your decision. Easily change between driving modes to pick the power you need. All of these come from Twin Engine plug-in hybrid,

Power mode offers responsive driving even though keeping your car’s fuel consumption, emissions to a minimum and sporty.

Switch to Pure/Eco mode for quick trips anywhere for maximum sustainability. You will generate zero emissions and use zero energy.

For a far more optimized drive, Hybrid mode uses the gas engine and electric motor in parallel, both optimized for wherever the road takes you.

2016 Volvo XC60 Drive-E Features

SENSUS Connect is innovations to keep you connected on the highway of life. It’s a great experience on the highway should include how you feel when you travel it and both way your vehicle drives. It’s also a suite of technologies for connecting you together the globe around you and with your car as well. Sensus Connect has been identified by the auto industry as a best-in-course infotainment system.

Each feature is thoughtfully designed, enabling you to personalize and control every aspect of the drive. Because you love your vehicle as much inside as you do on the outside. No other automaker includes a fully linked system like Sensus available in all of their models around the world.

Volvo Innovations Entertain

Hit the open road streaming music, listening to books through your favorite apps built-in to Sensus or just hearing the radio.

Volvo on Call

Volvo on Call is a Smartphone application with a host of clever solutions that let you get the help you need remotely and control your vehicle. It’s a method of making every day a little less complicated.
Download your favorite apps with your personalized settings or control your car with the Volvo on Call app directly to your car. It’s fully built-into your life.


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