Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The New Lamborghini Monster Ready to Take the Cage, the HyperVeloce

The new Lamborghini Monster ready to take the cage, the HyperVeloce - Lamborghini in the second half of 2015 is reportedly prepared to release to the market a new monster called HyperVeloce with a machine that can produce power up to 800 HP.

Lamborghini Hyper Veloce itself is called will be made in limited quantities and will only be released to car collectors who have become regulars Lamborghini’s supercar.

Lamborghini  HyperVeloce

Lamborghini's latest hypercar concept itself is called based on the Aventador SV. But this HyperVeloce will come with up to 50 HP extra power, lighter weight, and also more sophisticated aerodynamics package.

Lamborghini HyperVeloce likely this will be made by 30 units (20 units to 10 units and a coupe variant to variant roadster).

Called to be released at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this hypercar one possibility would be priced at over $ 4 million per unit.


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